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Appendix K MARC 21 Record Examples

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Appendix K. MARC 21 Record Examples 





100  1_ $a Bissell, Kenneth McLeod, $d 1884-1972.

245  00 $a Four years at Yale : $k diaries, $f 1903 September 16-1907 October 5.

300  __ $a 4 $f volumes.

545  __ $a Student, Yale University class of 1907.

520  8_ $a Detailed account of the academic, social, cultural, and athletic life at Yale

        University; also contains accounts of summer vacations and a trip to Europe in the

        Summer of 1906 and statistical data on the class of 1907.

541  __ $a Gift of Mr. Bissell, $d 1956.

  500  __ $a Title transcribed from spine.



Include an example of a digital reproduction (2012-04 Folger Meeting Notes, 7B10).





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