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Page history last edited by Margaret Nichols 5 years, 5 months ago

Remaining steps following ALA Midwinter 2016



--Ask Nina whom to contact about getting "dcrmmss" authorized as a code for use in 040 $e in OCLC (asked her 2/8/16)--done

--Ask professional indexer (Jean Skipp at IncludesIndex) for an estimate (done 2/15/16); send it to Nina so she can submit it to Budget & Development Committee to get indexing paid for (sent to Nina 3/7/16)--done

--Ask Nina how much lead time BSC needs for final proofreading (done); figure out proposed deadline for text to be finished--done: deadline April 15

--BSC's final close reading: ask people to report any glaring formatting issues too (done)

--Find out how to get cover produced (with illustration)--contact graphic designer Kathy Bowlin (Nashville, TN; formerly of Graphic Answers Inc., Alexandria, VA) on LinkedIn; get images of other types of mss. to use in addition to the recipe from the Folger (e.g. a typescript legal document, a letter, a telegram)--done



--The term "half-sheet bifolium" in 5D3: add to Glossary or remove altogether?



Deadline for editing the text: April 15  

--Finish doing things listed below and under "Assignments following Folger fall meeting" by April 15

--III.2.2: include information on the fact that there are no local notes with manuscripts (CC:DA suggested adding it to 7A1.1 but we decided Jan. 2016 to add it to III.2.2)--done

--Address CC:DA's General Comments

1. "The distribution of examples in the document seems uneven; some sections have a large number of examples, while other sections that might benefit from examples have none."--done

2. "We recommend that the editors review an outline of the hierarchical arrangement of the rules (numbering and sub-numbering) to ensure that they have been logically organized." (Kate's note: Here is the instruction from the DCRM Editorial Conventions: "number a new paragraph unless it just expands on the previous paragraph. That is, if it's a different concept, or an "in contrast" it definitely gets a new number (this makes the indexing work)."). See outline on SideBar--done

3. "It is also unclear what principle determines which rules have headings (if the intent is that all rules at the same hierarchical level within a given section either should or should not have headings, this principle has been applied inconsistently." (Kate's note: Here is the instruction from the DCRM Editorial Conventions: "use a caption for each numbered paragraph, unless it would just repeat most or all of the paragraph (but always try for a caption first).")--done

--For all rules labeled "optional" in their caption, make sure the subrules are not labeled "optional" (it's a given)--done

--Add half title, title page, and table of contents (page numbers to be finalized later--see below)--done

--Incorporate revisions from BSC's final close reading--done

--Finalize pagination, on text and in table of contents--done

--Have the text indexed--done 

--Choose illustration(s) for cover; add info on cover illustration in preliminaries--done

--Follow steps Nina outlined to ask OCLC to authorize 040 dcrmmss--done; Matthew Haugen submitted request for us ca. 6/28/16 

--Find out how to get cover produced; add a credit for image (in preliminaries)--done

--Acknowledgements: add credit for cover image and production--done

--Does it make any sense to have DCRM(MSS) added to Catalogers' Desktop? (Consensus: YES) If yes, contact Bruce Johnson at LC to get it done (email bjoh ...)--send him final, final text once approved by Exec

--Submit a DCRM(MSS) seminar proposal for the RBMS 2017 Conference (Iowa City) due June 3, 2016--submit to BSC by end of April (done); then submit to Seminars Cmtee. (done; Seminars chair is Sarah Horowitz, Haverford College; MN to attend Seminars meeting at ALA Annual to answer any questions about the proposal--done)

--Send text to Description Section chair and vice-chair/chair-elect, asking them to submit it for SAA's endorsement--done; keep track of results

--Propose workshop on DCRM(MSS) for RBMS 2017

--Once text is approved by RBMS Exec, send text and URL for cover to RBMS Web Editors to be posted at rbms.info/dcrm/ (cover image: https://cornell.box.com/s/ipbx1mjqad5rrd6oyds6jd0vhm41g2ah )


Note on the cover: color chosen is #450045 at colorhexa.com:


#450045 color image




Assignments following Folger fall meeting (October 2015)


Everyone: Search DCRM(MSS) for notes with your name or initials, for things that you volunteered to do

Everyone: For your assigned 20 pages of the text, make the use of acronyms consistent (cf. Kate James's first comment under the "substantive comments"). Check "See" references too, to make sure they point to the right places.

--Jenny has p. 1-20 (done)

--Diane has p. 21-40

--Margaret has p. 41-60 (done)

--Kate has p. 61-80 (done)

--Alison has p. 81-100

--Liz has p. 101-120

--Heather has p. 121-140

Everyone: Fill in examples where needed by December 31. Look for "Need examples"; also search the text under your own first name and your initials--done

Everyone: Find Italian and French early modern handwriting resources for Appendix G--done

Diane: Send Jenny a list of paleography resources for Appendix G


--Supply the citation for the table of common early modern English abbreviations (once the table goes online)--it's not online yet as of 4/15/16

--Review 0G (Transcription) to make sure everything applies to manuscripts (especially now that Appendix G has been repurposed)

--Review Appendix G


--Do a find-and-replace and correct smart and straight quotation marks (done)

--Contact Manon for help on formatting the examples (done)

--Hyperlink all URLs

--Alphabetically incorporate the list of resources for reading early modern handwriting into the List of Works Cited (done)

--Remove commas preceding "if considered important" (done)


--Update the DCRM Editorial Guidelines and Errata wiki (done)

--Send a draft of her suggested 1C1.3.1 change to the team for feedback (done)

Liz: 7A1.4 Required notes: in an external document (not the DCRM(MSS) one) format our list for consistency; do a search on "make a note" and add/subtract anything needed. Send out for review. Diane will then do a final search on "make a note" to confirm


--Will send a thank you to Kate James and Karen Spicher for their thorough review



Assignments following Folger fall meeting (September 2014)


Liz to ask DCRM Steering Grp. about place of production

Jenny to divide up Glossary among us (swaps possible)

Everyone to work on providing remaining examples needed

Deadline for finishing all remaining updates: Nov. 15

Then: on to step 2 below!


Remaining steps


  1. Run the text past BSC again in August or September with just a two-week comment period; then

  2. Run it past our LC liaison, Kate James (she will probably suggest many changes); then

  3. Run it past CC:DA and SAA*;

  4. Sometime about here, apply for the 040 $e code dcrmmss;

  5. Have a final close reading and approval by BSC;

  6. Have somebody do the index (BSC may be able to fund this);

  7. Submit it for approval by the RBMS Executive Committee;
  8. Have it published on the RBMS website.


* Diane Ducharme summarizing a conversation with Bill Landis, 11/15/14: "when we feel we have the document in a close to final state, possibly after LC, we should make it available to the appropriate SAA groups such as the standards committee and SAA council. He's offered to steer us through this, which I think we should take him up on.  He doesn't expect t there's going to be a lot of demand for detailed changes."


Assignments following Folger spring meeting (March 2014)


Liz (to bring to DCRM steering group):

1F1.2, mss without a collective title by different persons or bodies

Area 7: should each note have "required" or "if considered important" in an electronic format?

Appendix F: is the first rule outdated in a post-card-cataloging world?


Jenny: fix numbering after 7B13


Margaret and Liz: title proper issues; think about Appendix F


Heather: ask Nadia about 246


Kate: add articles to captions that need it


up for grabs but Diane will "give it a crack": reconcile 5B2.2 with 7B10.3 (physical units)


everyone: finish examples


Margaret: think about preface


Heather: start formatting glossary


Assignments following ALA midwinter meeting (January 2014)

Liz: explore incorporating 1A3.1 into 1B and 1C; check whether we contradict ourselves in 1C1.2 and 1C2.1 in terms of form and order


Jenny: change production and creation to physical production and intellectual creation throughout


Diane: revise "If considered important" to "If not otherwise apparent," when necessary.


Heather and Liz: get stats for formal titles in subfield a for manuscripts at Folger and Morgan


Kate: finish Appendix F


All: finish examples that have been promised


Assignments following July 2013 meeting


DONE: Write up square brackets statement ASAP (mention concern that archivists will reject our standard completely if we use brackets in titles)


DONE: Invite archivists to ALA Midwinter hearing on DCRM(MSS)


Share Introduction with Bib. Standards soon--before Folger meeting, so we can rewrite if necessary


Rigorously review DCRM(MSS) to make sure it is consistent, fill in examples, and apply Editorial Guidelines to the extent possible (MN has added a few things to Editorial Guidelines that we would like to change, or where we differ)

Ideas for things to check:

--do references to other parts of the rules go to the right place? (E.g. "For details, see 1C2.1"--does 1C2.1 provide the info sought?)

--do the sections in each Area match the table of contents at the beginning of that Area?

--to find things that you in particular were going to fill in, search the document under your name or initials

--search under "Need examples," "Need another example," "Need more examples," etc. to find places to fill in examples


Look at Appendices: would any be worth doing to help support the proposal? (See all-caps note below re: working on the Appendices)


--Appendix D: kind of ready (nail down required fields)

--Appendix F: version 8 is latest (nail it down)

--Appendix G: pretty close to ready

--Appendix H (formerly J): Margaret will do

--Appendix J (formerly K): DACS (2nd ed.) is freely available online in PDF; can access it via the SAA website

--Appendix K (formerly L): maybe we do need to do this; AMREMM is for scriptorium era only

Glossary: have this set up



Assignments following April 2013 meeting


Introduction -- Everybody

Area 1 -- Kate

Area 7-- Everybody


Sign up for one or more Appendixes to work on. CHECK ALL VERSIONS THAT ARE ON THE WIKI OF THE APPENDIX YOU ARE WORKING ON!!! 

Appendix A: MARC21 descriptive conventions code

Appendix B: Collection-level records (N/A - punt to DACS)

Appendix C: Core-level records (N/A)

Appendix D: Minimal-Level Records (need to define minimal-level manuscript cataloging for Introduction IX. 1.3 and Appendix D: include required notes only (compile a list of required elements)

Appendix E: Variations requiring a new record (N/A)

Appendix F. Title Access Points-- Kate

Appendix G. Early Letter Forms and Symbols (Refer out to bibliography with paleography resources?)--Diane

Appendix H: Individual and special issues of serials (N/A)

Appendix J. Bibliography (to be changed from Companion Standards)-- Margaret

Appendix K. Crosswalks (needs updating)-- Liz

Appendix L. MARC 21 and EAD Record Examples-- Alison

Other possible appendixes to include:

Appendix on when to apply AMREMM (could be a prototype for a second edition of AMREMM)


Add examples

Apply the Editorial Guidelines to Areas 5, 7, and 0

Glossary - Jenny and Heather

Index examples in order to check them and to maybe provide links to bib records and/or images - Jenny to copy and past all examples into a big list 


Assignments following January 2013 meeting


We can each review one Area of our document in relation to the others and identify any additional work needed on it (including bringing it into line with the DCRM Editorial Guidelines, as much as possible):



Area 0-- Jenny

Area 1-- Kate

Area 2-- Liz

Area 4--Diane

Area 5-- Margaret

Area 7-- Alison


Also, continue work on remaining Appendices (see below); and supply examples where needed.



Assignments following December 2012 meeting


Define minimal-level manuscript cataloging for Introduction IX. 1.3 and Appendix D: include required notes only (compile a list of required elements)

Sign up for one or more Appendixes to work on:

Appendix D. Minimal-Level Records--

Appendix F. Title Access Points-- Kate

Appendix G. Early Letter Forms and Symbols (Refer out to bibliography with paleography resources?)--Diane

Appendix J. Bibliography (to be changed from Companion Standards)-- Margaret

Appendix K. Crosswalks (needs updating)-- Liz

Appendix L. MARC 21 and EAD Record Examples-- Alison

Other possible appendixes to include:

--Appendix for indexing examples (see 2009-09 Folger Meeting Minutes, "Other Sections of the Rules" discussion)

--Appendix on dates (see 2009-09 Folger Meeting Minutes, "Other Sections of the Rules" discussion)

--Appendix on material types (cf. "Unresolved issues" list note from June 2010 meeting)

--Appendix on when to apply AMREMM (could be a prototype for a second edition of AMREMM)

Add examples

Apply the Editorial Guidelines to Areas 5, 7, and 0

Planning ahead: Send Areas 1-7 to BSC for review right after Midwinter; plan for public hearing on the body of the entire text (Introduction and Areas 0-7) at ALA Midwinter in January 2014


Assignments following June 2012 meeting


Add examples - everyone

Goal: to have Area 7 and Introduction ready to show BSC at ALA Midwinter?

Set dates for Fall meeting at Folger



Assignments following April 2012 meeting



I. Scope and purpose

II. Relationship to other standards - Margaret

III. Objectives and principles - Liz

IV.-VII. probably won't need much work

VIII. Examples and notes

IX. Integrity of the item - Alison

X. Precataloging decisions

XI. Preparation for cataloging - Diane



Assignments following January 2012 meeting


Add examples  - everyone


Fix the order of creator information - Liz


Pull out (?) editorial guidelines we keep coming up against; check "Unresolved issues" list; work on Introduction (outline of what we want to say) - Margaret


Work on Glossary - Jenny


Catch up on meeting minutes - Kate






Assignments following October 2011 meeting


Area 7:

7B4.6 Statement of responsibility - define SOR (vis a vis attribution/creator, etc.); make a bulleted list like "Attributions" (7B4.1) Heather and Liz


Move Area 7, part 1 into main DCRM(MSS) Word doc and apply styles - Jenny


"Creation" vs. "Production": checking for consistent use internally, and also as compared to Graphics, Cartographic, and Music - Alison


Area 7 Reproduction, Access, Terms of Use, etc.: read through and check applicability, clean up, etc. - Margaret


Area 5 into Digress.it - Kate


Area 7 Dates: Review and clean up - Diane


Area 7 Physical Description - Kate & Jenny (specifically signatures - check AMREMM & BOOKS)


Area 7. pt. 2 - Context, check to make sure that Context rules in Area 7 pt. 2 and pt. 3 are covered already in the corresponding section of part 1. Alison (Oops, sorry, Alison, I got carried away and did the pt. 2 ones--mea culpa! Margaret)



Assignments following June 2011 meeting



Area 7 duplication - Margaret

Area 7 renumbering (getting rid of extra/confusing numbers) - Jenny

Area 7 part 1- Diane and Alison

Area 4 Notes in Area 7 - Liz

Area 5 Notes in Area 7 - Kate and Liz

Examples - Heather

[Corrections to formatting in Area 1 - Deborah]


Assignments following January 2011 meeting


By the end of our Spring meeting (April 4-6?), we will try to finalize Areas 1, 4, and 5. We will also review DACS and have a document drawn up for BSC approval by the end of our Spring meeting.


Before then:

Incorporate Area 4 comments

Work on Area 7

--notes relating to Area 1: Liz and Margaret

--notes relating to Area 4: Diane

--notes relating to Area 5: Jenny and Kate

--archival notes: Alison


Alison: Write position paper on Area 4 dates. The issue to be addressed is conjectured dates for decades and centuries. Do we follow RDA? DACS? How will the various methods affect archivists and catalogers?


Margaret: Write up a DPC to send to the DCRM-L list:

--5C2.3. Propose a general change to the DCRMs from "types of illustrations" to "types of illustration processes." In DCRM(B), "types of illustrations" is used two different ways in 5C2.1 and 5C2.3.


--5C2.2. Propose removing "(Woodburytypes)" from the example because illustration processes haven't been discussed yet.


--5C3.1. Propose a change in wording. The current wording sounds like it rules out describing color photographs.


DACS review: division of labor (comments due March 1, intro/summary due March 8)


1. Statement of Principles; Overview of Archival Description; Introduction to Describing Archival Materials; Chapters 1-2 (Levels of Description and Identity Elements)--42 pp. total (ALISON)


2. Chapters 3-5 (Content and Structure Elements, Conditions of Access and Use Elements, and Acquisition and Appraisal Elements); Appendix A (Glossary)--42 pp. total (JENNY & DIANE)


3. Chapters 6-8 (Related Materials Elements, Note Elements, Description Control Elements); Appendices B-C (Companion Standards, Crosswalks)--32 pp. total (KATE)


4. Part II (Describing Creators); Appendix D (Full EAD and MARC21 Examples)--76 pp. total, but 44 pp. are the examples (MARGARET)


5. Part III: Introduction to Forms of Names; Chapters 12-13 (Form of Names for Persons and Families, Form of Geographic Names)--42 pp. total (NEED NOT REVIEW, MOSTLY JUST FOLLOWS AACR2)


6. Chapter 14 (Form of Names for Corporate Bodies)--42 pp. total (NEED NOT REVIEW, MOSTLY JUST FOLLOWS AACR2)


Ranging over the whole document, commenting where appropriate (LIZ)

HEATHER may either range over the whole document or comment on a particular section. 


Assignments following October 2010 meeting


At the end of the meeting, Jenny posted version 10 of the documents for Areas 1, 2, and 4 so that everyone has immediate access to them.


By Early November:

  • We will submit Area 4 and an Area 4 position paper to the Bib Standards Committee for review and discussion at Midwinter 2011.
    • Everyone: Review version 10 of Area 4 (already on the wiki) as soon as possible.
    • Alison: Will write the position paper on Area 4 dates. The issue to be addressed is conjectured dates for decades and centuries. Do we follow RDA? DACS? How will the various methods affect archivists and catalogers?



  • Area 1 is almost finished.
    • Everyone: Review Area 1, in particular the new structure of 1C. Does it make sense? Does text need to be changed to accommodate it?
      • Method: Since we may each come up with different structures of Area 1C and may be moving things around, save the version 10 document (available on the wiki) to your computer, use track changes, and circulate the documents by email for now, to avoid wiki chaos.
  • We will work on Area 5 at Midwinter 2011.
    • Everyone: Review Area 5 in preparation for the meeting.
  • Diane: Will follow up on updating examples with dates where needed.
  • Margaret: Will continue working on Area 7.




Assignments following June 2010 meeting


goal: submit areas 2-4 to Bib Standards before mid-winter


submit suggestions for editorial guidelines:

Margaret--outlaw holograph


Area 1:

Heather: find examples for 1C3.4 (numbering might be confused)

Jenny: remove comments to introductory area


Area 2:

everyone: find wide variety of examples for editions

Alison and Diane: weed out irrelevant bits


Area 4:

Liz: 4a, general rules

Margaret: 4b, place

Kate: compare dates in graphic (4D6), consider adopting conjectural date spans, but not dashes



Assignments following March 2010 meeting


goal: submit areas 1-4 to Bib Standards by early June


Margaret to apply editorial guidelines throughout


Area 1

need to add more examples and make sure examples are accurate (Liz)

Jenny to renumber

Kate to review for consistency of language throughout


Area 2: Liz


Area 4

Liz will work on place of production

Alison will work on 4A (preliminary rules) and 4C (which doesn't apply); revise date span for conjectural dates section; Heather will consult on 4A

Diane will read through 4D

Kate to work on 4B, place of production



Assignments following ALA Midwinter, January 2010


Each person in the Working Group will apply the comments we've received to her own section of Area 1 as assigned previously (see "Tasks" list below). We will make the changes in the Word document of Area 1 using Track Changes.


Margaret will apply the DCRM Editorial Guidelines throughout DCRM(MSS).

Jenny will fix the formatting and punctuation later.

For ALA Annual (June 2010), we will work on making Areas 1, 2, and 4 ready for review by the BSC.


Meanwhile, we will each send Heather the dates when we will be unavailable in March and April, so as to plan our next Folger meeting (on a Sunday through Tuesday or Saturday through Monday).



Assignments following the September 20-22, 2009 Folger Meeting


We will have a draft of Area 1 ready to submit to the Bibliographic Standards Committee by early November. We divided Area 1, version 6 into six sections (see below), each of which is now called version 6a. When working on our section we will check it against version 5 of the wiki to make sure nothing important has been omitted.




Area 1A. Preliminary rule: Kate

Area 1B1. Devised title: Diane

Area 1B2. Formal title: Margaret

Area 1B3. Material type: Heather

Area 1C. Statement of responsibility: Liz

Area 1D. Date: Alison

Formatting and checking that examples match the rules: Jenny

Examples: Everyone will provide examples for any section




Oct. 9: Rewrites of the six sections due

Oct. 9-16: Comment period on each others' rewrites (use the "Add a comment" box at the bottom of each wiki page)

Oct. 16: Comment period closes

Oct. 23: Final revisions and clean copy of each section due to Jenny

Early November: Draft of Area 1, version 7 due to the Bibliographic Standards Committee



Assignments for September 2009 Folger Meeting


Supplied title: Margaret & Liz

Formal title: Jenny & Diane

Other title information: will be addressed by each group

Statement of responsibility: Kate

Creator: goes with supplied title?

Date: Alison


Assignments for Spring 2009 Meeting


Set up "version 4" (Jenny)

Arrange for meeting space at Folger for 3 or 4 day meeting in April (Alison)

Work on extent element (Liz OK)

Create backup Word docs of existing wiki pages (Jenny)

Randy to forward sample agendas from other editors' meetings

Come up with ideas for supplied title/creator. Take ideas and start drafting rules (everyone)

Take dates worksheets and create rules (Alison)


Also work on these elements:

February: Dates

March: Supplied title/creator

April: Extent


Assignments for Midwinter 2009


NB: Keep working in Verison 3


Diane: Charting patterns for supplying conjectural dates and date ranges per APPM, AMREMM, DCRM, DACS. (Done AEB 1/8/09, word file on Date page)


Margaret: Change 4s to 1s in the date section of Area 1.


Jenny: Delete all strikethroughs in Version 3.


Diane, Alison, Heather: Date Team - working on date section of Area 1, taking into consideration decision trees.


Margaret, Kate: Formal Title Team - work on formal title and SOR sections of Area 1, taking into consideration decision trees.


Liz, Jenny: Supplied Title Team - work on supplied title section of Area 1, taking into consideration decision trees.


Everyone: Plug in examples. Write in pink text all new examples put in by us. For now, cite initials and brief shelfmark or OPAC ID.


 Area 0 Assignments for July-August 2008 (October 2008 editorial meeting) DONE


0A.: Liz

0B.: Diane 

0C.: Alison

0D.: Heather/Alison

0E.: skip for now

0F.: Kate M.

0G.: Margaret


  • Consider DCRM(B), DACS, APPM, and AMREMM (also RAD if desired)
  • Quote from one or more of these standards when useful


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