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Page history last edited by Alison 15 years, 2 months ago

Here are all the word documents and wiki pages relating to the date section of Area 1 (formerly Area 4)


          Dates suggestions for Area 1_rev.doc (revised version based on Jan 2009 ALA midwinter meeting)


Dates suggestions for Area 1

Suggestions for how dates will look based on the Date chart comparison and discussions. Created by A. Bridger and H. Wolfe 2009 January 8-9.


DJD--Wow, this looks great! I especially agree with the recommendations for date span certain and some of the special dating. can't seem to get the Word files open editably from this machine, so let me just add a couple of comments here:


Probable date, issue: I think we do have to add the question mark for these; there's too much confusion possible without it--people will be looking for the supplied date on the document if it looks precisely like a transcribed date in the record. If we are really "certain" about the supplied date, we can specify our degree of certainty in a note.


Probable approximate date, issue: I agree completely we should omit. There are better ways to do this right in this chart. Decided not to omit because there is no mss specific justification for deviating from DCRM - JKN 1/26/09


Date span uncertain, issue: I think the question mark at the end should apply to the entire date span, but I agree that it's probably confusing. Maybe question mark each date if both are uncertain, just for clarity?


Date not identified, issue: I think the wording "date not identified" might be misleading? Possibly date unknown would be better--of course, we're guiding strongly toward giving something as a date in any case, sothis might not be crucial. 


Some more ideas re the date suggestions (MN):


Bulk dates are useful for things like a diary where the date span is broad but the vast majority of entries are from just a few years (e.g. 1920-1956, bulk 1920-1923). Without the bulk dates, in a case like this, the overall date span can be misleading.


Dates that won't normalize to our formula: another example is an Islamic calendar date (e.g. 1317 for something written in 1899 or so).




Date chart comparison

Compairs standards APPM, DACS, AMREMM, DCRM(B) and RDA. Created by A. Bridger 2009 January 8-9.


Non-Gregorian calendar dates



Examples of dates worksheet

Created by H. Wolfe.


Decision tree date normalization

From October 4, 2008 meeting at the Folger.


Decision tree date

From October 4, 2008 meeting at the Folger.




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