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DCRM(MSS) Area 1C (Statement of responsibility), Liz, Fall 2009 (version 6a)

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1C. Statements of responsibility


Record a statement of responsibility {LINK TO GLOSSARY DEFINITION} in this area only when it appears on a formal title page or colophon. Do not treat a signature as a statement of responsibility. Do not supply a statement of responsibility for a manuscript lacking this element; instead, record creator information in the Note area and, optionally and for devised titles only, in the title area. Treat as statements of responsibility only those statements that pertain to responsibility for the intellectual or artistic content of the manuscript; record statements pertaining to responsibility for the production of the physical object (e.g. copyists, secretaries, or scribes) in the Notes area. The statement of responsibility may be recorded before or after the date of writing (examples of both sequences are included in the instructions).


Description minéralogique de la France / Lavoisier et Guettard, 1770s?


Notes of a son and brother : typescript signed, 1914

Note: Final page signed by Henry James.


Stories for Miss Cecilia Charlotte Esther Burney, aged five years ,1793 / written by Sophia Burney

Note: "Printed by Frances Burney"--T.p.

Comment: "printed" refers to the style of writing (printed, as opposed to cursive)


1C1. Statements of responsibility on the title page or the colophon


1C1.1. Transcribe statements of responsibility found on the title page or in the colophon in the form in which they appear.


An inventory of sundry effects, the property of the late Rt. Honble. Lord Byron, taken July 31st 1824 : manuscript copy of the inventory, 1824 / prepared by William Fletcher.


Memoires présentez au Roy de France / par les Députez au Conseil Royal de Commerce, 1701


De gelijkenis der wijze en dwaze maagden, 1945 / geschreven door Dick Dooijes


1C1.2. If the name(s) of the person or persons in the statement of responsibility are abbreviated, unclear, or known to be a pseudonym, make an explanatory note.


The frolick's, or, The lawyer cheated : an new comedey, the first coppy / written by Mrs. E.P., 1671.

Note: Manuscript by Elizabeth Polwhele.


Medea : a tragedy from the Greek, 179-? / by a non-Togalus student who attended the private Greek class, Session MDCCXCV-VI

Note: By Thomas Campbell.


Charles Dickens at home : autograph manuscript unsigned, ca. 1884 / by his daughter.

Note: By his daughter Mamie Dickens.


Arthuriana, or, Odds & ends : being a miscellaneous collection of pieces in prose & verse / by Lord Charles A.F. Wellesley

Note: Charlotte Bronte used the pseudonym Lord Charles Wellesley for her juvenile works.


IC1.3 If the statement of responsibility is struck out, or written in a different hand from the rest of the manuscript, record this fact in a note.


[Need example]


1C1.4 If the statement of responsibility is partially or wholly illegible, record as much of the statement as is legible in the statement of responsibility area, and indicate lacunae with the marks of omission. Record in a note the fact that the statement of responsibility is partially or wholly illegible.

[need example]


1C2 Statements of responsibility on other sources


If a statement of responsibility appears on a source other than on the title page or colophon, record the statement and its source in a note.


Rokeby : autograph manuscript signed, 1813?

Note: With a note on the flyleaf by Archibald Constable, dated Edinburgh, 18 Apr. 1821: "This is the original manuscript of Rokeby by Sir Walter Scott Bart.--the whole in his own handwriting--some few of the notes excepted which appear to have been copied by Henry Weber ..."


Remarks on several parts of Italy in 1701 : manuscript copy, ca. 1705

Note: "Addison Remarks on Italy"--Gilt tooled on spine.


Sagan af Grishillde þolenmödu, 1700s.

Note: Translation of Petrarch's Historia Griseldis from Danish to Icelandic, ascribed to Jón Þorláksson by H.E. Wium.


1C3. Transposition of statements of responsibility


If a statement of responsibility precedes the formal title in the source, transpose it to its required position unless it is a grammatically inseparable part of the title proper according to one or more of the conditions enumerated in 1B1.1.{check section number} When transposing the statement of responsibility, do not use the mark of omission.


Francisci Petrarchae Septem psalmi poenitentiales


Goethes Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde


Dr. Bargrave’s account of himself from the MS C C C


1C4. Single statements of responsibility with two or more names


1C4.1. Transcribe a single statement of responsibility as such whether the two or more persons or corporate bodies named in it perform the same function or different functions.


The ascent of F6 / by W. H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood, 1953 Oct. 30-1954 Jan.1936


Universa philosophiae elementa ordine naturali exposita et ad usum scholarum accomodata ... / omnia scripsit Joannes Antonius Lavoisier auditor Ludovici Benet, 1731-1732.

Note:Notes on lectures by Louis Benet on philosophy and science at Paris, taken by Jean-Antoine Lavoisier.


1C4.2. If a respondent and praeses are given for an academic disputation, treat both names and the words indicative of their function as part of a single statement of responsibility (unless grammatically inseparable from the title proper or other title information).

[Need example]


1C5. Omission of names in statements of responsibility


When a single statement of responsibility names more than one person or corporate body performing the same function or with the same degree of responsibility, transcribe all the names mentioned. Optionally, if the responsible persons or bodies named in a single statement are considered too numerous to list exhaustively, all after the third may be omitted. Indicate the omission by the mark of omission and supply “et al.” in square brackets.


Notes on trigonometry and the theory of equations / by Profrs Oliver, Wait and Jones


Robinson Crusoe : burlesque : typescript, 1867 / by H.T. Byron, W.S. Gilbert, T. Hook, H.S. Leigh, Arthur Sketchley, and "Nicholas."


Robinson Crusoe :  burlesque : typescript, 1867 / by H.T. Byron, W.S. Gilbert, T. Hook ... et al.


1C6. Two or more statements of responsibility


If there are two or more statements of responsibility, transcribe them in the order indicated by their sequence on, or by the layout of, the title page or colophon. If the sequence and layout are ambiguous or insufficient to determine the order, transcribe the statements in the order that makes the most sense.


L'innocence opprimee, ou, Défense de Mathurin Picard, curé de Mesnil-Jourdain ... / par M. Laugois, successeur immédiat dudit Picard, dans la curé de Mesnil-Jourdain ; ouvrage qui n'a jamais été imprimé et extrait sur l'original, par M. Chemin, curé de Tourneville.


An almanac of twelve sports / by William Nicholson ; words by Rudyard Kipling.


Poems : corrected proofs, 1868 / by Walt Whitman ; selected and edited by William Michael Rossetti.


Traité de logique / redigé d’après le cours de philosophie de M. Gergonne, Doyen de la faculté des sciences de l’académie de Montpellier ; avec des notes par J. Mill.


1C7. Terms of address, etc., in statements of responsibility


Include titles and abbreviations of titles of nobility, address, honor, and distinction that appear with names in statements of responsibility.


La Pucelle d’Orleans : poeme heroe-comique : contemporary manuscript, 1755 / par Mr. de Voltaire


A thought on death / written by Mrs. Barbauld in her 90th year.


1C8. Qualifications in statements of responsibility


Qualifications such as initials indicating membership in societies, academic degrees, and statements of positions held may be omitted from the statement of responsibility, using the mark of omission, unless:


the qualifications are necessary grammatically


or the qualifications are necessary for identifying the person or are useful in establishing a context for the person’s activity (initials of religious orders, phrases, or adjectives denoting place names, etc.)


or the statement of responsibility represents the author only by a pseudonym, a descriptive phrase, or nonalphabetic symbols.


Phrenological character of Oliver Wendall Holmes / by L. N. Fowler, Professor of Phrenology


Quaestio proemialis in Physicam Aristotelis / auctore R.P. Paulo Bombino ...; excipiebat Romae F. Ioannes Haberbosch


Report on Santa Fe electrification / by P.M. Lincoln, electrical engineer


Be still, my fears, suggest no false alarms / R. Hurd, M.A., Fellow of Emmanuel College, ca. 1748


The Corsair in the war zone : typescript, [1919] / by Ralph D. Paine

Comment: Title-page reads: “by Ralph D. Paine, author of "The Fighting Fleets"



1C9. Ambiguous statements of responsibility


If the relationship between the title of a work and the person(s) or body (bodies) named in the statement of responsibility is not clear, make an explanatory note.


Systematic lectures on midwifery : Surgeon's Hall, Edinburgh, summer session, 1898 / by Dr. Berry Hart

Note: Manuscript notes of Sutherland Simpson on lectures given by Dr. Hart.


1C10. Statements of responsibility in more than one language or script


1C10.1. If there are titles in more than one language or script, but only a single statement of responsibility, transcribe the statement of responsibility after all the title information.


[Need example]


1C10.2. If there are both titles and statements of responsibility in more than one language or script, transcribe each statement of responsibility after the title proper, parallel title, or other title information to which it relates. If any of these titles lack a matching statement of responsibility, transcribe the information in the order indicated by the sequence on, or by the layout of, the title page.


[Need example]


1C11. Nouns and noun phrases


1C11.1. Treat a noun or noun phrase occurring in conjunction with a statement of responsibility as other title information if it is indicative of the nature of the work.


Dr. Johann Faust : Volksschauspiel / vom Plagwitzer Sommertheater


The frolick's, or, The lawyer cheated : an new comedey, the first coppy / written by Ms. E.P.


1C11.2. If the noun or noun phrase is indicative of the role of the person(s) or body (bodies) named in the statement of responsibility rather than of the nature of the work, treat it as part of the statement of responsibility.


[Need example]


1C11.3. In case of doubt, treat the noun or noun phrase as part of the statement of responsibility.


1C12. Persons or bodies not explicitly named in statements of responsibility


Transcribe a statement of responsibility as such even if no person or body is explicitly named in that statement. Such statements will generally contain words like “translated,” “edited,” “compiled,” etc.


Detection of the doeings of Marie Queene of Scottes touching the murther of her Husband ... : manuscript copy,  ca. 1572 / translated out of the latten which was written by G. B.


Faust. The second part : a tragedy / translated in the original metres.


1C13. Statements of responsibility with grammatically inseparable elements


If the statement of responsibility includes information belonging to another area, and the information is grammatically inseparable from the statement of responsibility according to one or more of the conditions enumerated in 1B1.1, transcribe it as part of the statement of responsibility.


[Need example]


1C14. Phrases about notes, appendixes, etc.


1C14.1. Transcribe phrases about notes, appendixes, and such accompanying matter in the order indicated by the sequence on the title page. If such information appears before the statement of responsibility, transcribe it as other title information (see 1C2.1).


Chemische Erfahrungen bey meinem und andern Fabriken in Deutschland : nebst einem Anhang besonderer chemischer Geheimnisse / von J.A. Weber


Clarion call : with Franklin Phelps' criticisms / by Lunceford Yates


1C14.2. If such information appears after the statement of responsibility, transcribe it as a subsequent statement of responsibility, whether or not it names a person or body.


[Need example]


1C14.3. Optionally, if the phrases are very lengthy and can be abridged without loss of essential information, omit less important words or phrases, using the mark of omission. If considered important, transcribe omitted phrases in a note. If the phrases are actually titles of other works given equal prominence with the title of the first work, see 1F.



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