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Page history last edited by Margaret Nichols 7 years, 10 months ago

Manuscripts Working Group




To develop rules or guidelines for item-level description and cataloging of modern (post-1600) manuscript material. These rules may be adapted from AMREMM, APPM, AACR2, and/or DACS and are to provide specific, technical instruction for preparing full MARC 21 descriptions. They are to be self-sufficient as far as possible, with reference to other codes (such as AACR2 for the formulation of headings) only as necessary. The rules/guidelines should follow the principles of Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Materials (DCRM), as established and codified in DCRM(B).


The Working Group should endeavor to make the rules acceptable to as wide a constituency as possible without unduly sacrificing internal coherence or consistency.


The Working Group should also make recommendations for a future set of rules for describing and cataloging manuscripts. Possibilities include: 1) a full revision of AMREMM that incorporates rules for modern manuscripts; 2) a two-component DCRM module for manuscripts (one component that has the same scope as the current AMREMM and a second component that picks up where AMREMM leaves off and covers modern manuscripts).





Margaret Nichols (Cornell, BSC member, WG leader)

Jennifer Nelson (Robbins Collection, UC Berkeley)

Diane Ducharme (Yale, SAA Description Section liaison)

Kate Moriarty (Saint Louis University, BSC member)

Liz O'Keefe (Morgan Library) 

Heather Wolfe (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Alison Bridger (Wisconsin Historical Society)


Parent and Related Bodies

Bibliographic Standards Committee, RBMS

Rare Books and Manuscripts Section, ACRL

Description Section, SAA

Society of American Archivists


Unresolved issues


Unresolved issues  


DCRM Editorial Guidelines








2016 August






2016 March



2016 February





2016 January


DCRM(MSS)_20160105.docx  (** USE FOR MIDWINTER 2016 MEETING **)


2015 December



2015 November




2015 October


DCRM(MSS)_20151021.docx  - use for October 2015 editorial meeting @ Folger


2015 September


DCRM(MSS) (.docx)


2015 June


DCRM(MSS) (.docx) (LoC review copy w/ example placeholders added back in) - use for editorial meeting at Annual

DCRM(MSS) (.pdf)


2014 September


DCRM(MSS) - use for September 2014 meeting


2014 March


DCRM(MSS) - use for March 2014 meeting


Appendix F Title Access Points 2014 March 10


Appendix J, Bibliography, 2014 March 10


2014 January


DCRM(MSS) - use at Midwinter 2014



2013 September


DCRM(MSS) - use at September 2013 meeting



2013 July




2013 June


DCRM(MSS) (Intro & Areas 0, 1, 4, 5, 7; includes KSM edits to area 1) - use this at Annual 2013 meeting


2013 April


Appendix J, 2013 April 8


DCRM(MSS) draft of Area 2 (only)


2013 February


DCRM(MSS) (Intro & Areas 0, 1, 2, 4, 5, 7) - use this one at Spring 2013 meeting


2013 January


DCRM(MSS) Area 0 (raw file, no formatting; use this at ALA Midwinter 2013)


2012 December


DCRM(MSS) (Intro & Areas 1, 4, 5, 7)


Appendix D, 2012 December 10


2012 November 5


Area 0, 2012 November 5


DCRM(MSS) Introduction: ALA Annual 2012 revision (use this one for October 2012 Folger Meeting)


Introduction M. Nichols Revision (use this one for June 2012 ALA Annual Meeting)


Introduction 2012 April 24


2012 February 6


Introduction, 2012 FEB 06


2012 April 24

DCRM(MSS) (Areas 1, 4, 5, 7)


2012 January 25

DCRM(MSS) (includes Areas 1, 4, 5, and 7 (in progress)


2012 January 13


DCRM(MSS) (includes Areas 1, 4, 5, and AEB revised 7)


2011 November 14


Area 7, Part 2, 2011 NOV 14

Area 7, Part 3, 2011 NOV 14



2011 October 20


DCRM(MSS) (includes Areas 1, 4, 5, 7 pt. 1)


2011 April 6


DCRM(MSS) (includes Areas 1, 4, 5) 


Version 11








Area 7, Part 2, 2011 NOV 14

Version 10 (October 2010)


Area 1

Area 2

Area 4

Area 5


Area 7 version 10, part 1: From General - Edition or version

Area 7 version 10, part 2: From Languages, writing systems, script - References

Area 7 version 10, part 3: From dissertations - end



Version 9


DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title and Statement of Responsibility Area) version 9


DCRM(MSS) Area 2 (Edition or Version area) version 9


DCRM(MSS) Area 4 (Publication, Distribution, etc. Area) version 9


Appendix D (Minimal-Level Records) version 9


Appendix E (Variations Requiring a New Record) version 9


Version 8


DCRM(MSS) Area 1, version 8


DCRM(MSS) Area 4 (Publication, Distribution, etc. Area) version 8


DCRM(MSS) Area 7 (Notes), version 8


Appendix A (MARC 21 Descriptive Conventions Code), version 8


Appendix B (Collection-Level Records), version 8


Appendix C (Core-Level Records), version 8


Appendix F (Title Access Points), version 8

Version 7


DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title, Statement of Responsibility, and Date), Version 7 (do not edit!)


Version 6


DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title, Statement of Responsibility, and Date), version 6 (do not edit)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1A (Preliminary rules), Kate, Fall 2009 (version 6a)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1B1 (Devised title), Diane, Fall 2009 (version 6a)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1B2 (Formal title), Margaret, Fall 2009 (version 6a)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1B3 (Material type), Heather, Fall 2009 (version 6a)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1C (Statement of responsibility), Liz, Fall 2009 (version 6a)


DCRM(MSS) Area 1D (Date), Alison, Fall 2009 (version 6a)




Version 5 


DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title, Statement of Responsibility, and Date), version 5


DCRM(MSS) Area 5 (Physical Description), version 5


DCRM(MSS) Area 7 (Notes), version 5



Version 4


DCRM(MSS) Introduction, version 4



DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title, Statement of Responsibility, and Date), version 4 


DCRM(MSS) Area 2 (Edition Area), Version 4


DCRM(MSS) Area 5 (Physical Description), version 4 



Appendix F Title Access Points, Version 4


Version 3


DCRM(MSS) Introduction, version 3



 Version 2


DCRM(MSS) Introduction, version 2


DCRM(MSS) Area 0 (General Rules), version 2


DCRM(MSS) Area 1 (Title and Statement of Responsibility), version 2


DCRM(MSS) Area 2 (Edition), version 2 


DCRM(MSS) Area 4 (Publication, Distribution, etc.), version 2


DCRM(MSS) Area 5 (Physical Description), version 2


DCRM(MSS) Area 7 (Notes), version 2




To Include in Introduction


Introduction version 4


Introduction, version 3


DCRM(MSS) Introduction 2 



Appendix A. MARC 21 Descriptive Conventions Code (Work on this with MARC codes in hand)


Appendix B. Collection-Level Records (No general use of this Appendix is made for manuscripts. For instructions on creating collection-level records, see DACS)


Appendix C. Core-Level Records (Appendix C is now Capitalization)


Appendix D. Minimal-Level Records (See link to "Appendix D, December 2012" above)


Appendix E. Variations Requiring a New Record (No general use of this Appendix is made for manuscripts)


Appendix F. Title Access Points


Appendix F Title Access Points, Version 3 (Reconcile these two Appendix F pages with more recent versions above; "Version 8" is likely our most recent version)


Appendix G. Early Letter Forms and Symbols (Keep Appendix G basically without revision, but emphasize that it focuses on typeface but is still useful; also, refer out to a bibliography of written letter forms, such as Cappelli, Yeandle, websites, etc.)


Appendix H. Individual and Special Issues of Serials. (No general use of this Appendix is made for manuscripts - IS THIS APPENDIX EVEN REQUIRED, OR CAN WE JUST DELETE IT?) According to the Editorial Guidelines, we can "reassign" appendices from H onward--MFN


Appendix H. Companion Standards (Instead of just having a list, provide more explanation and guidance of when to use different standards; annotated bibliography; model off of DACS, including revised version) See Appendix J, April 2013 version


Appendix J. Crosswalks (crosswalk our rules to: AMREMM and DACS - look at DACS crosswalk and compare)


Appendix K. AMREMM or DCRM(MSS)? (PROPOSED APPENDIX; alternatively, provide these guidelines as an extended discussion within Appendix H. Companion Standards)


List of Works Cited


List of Works Cited 





To Include in Index 




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