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Area 7 version 10, part 3

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7B13. Dissertations

If the manuscript being described is a dissertation or thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for an academic degree, give the designation of the thesis (using the English word “thesis”) followed if possible by a brief statement of the degree for which the author was a candidate (e.g., “M.A.” or “Ph. D.,” or, for theses to which such abbreviations do not apply, “doctoral” or “master’s”), the name of the institution or faculty to which the thesis was presented, and the year in which the degree was granted.


Need ms. examples


Thesis--Harvard College, 1786

Thesis (doctoral)--Universität Tübingen, 1805


If the manuscript is a revision or abridgment of a thesis, state this.


Abstract of thesis--Yale College, 1795


If the manuscript lacks a formal thesis statement, a bibliographic history note may be made.


Originally presented as the author's thesis (Universität Heidelberg) under title: ...



7B14. Publications 

Record a citation to or information about a publication that is based on the use, study, or analysis of the described material (e.g. historical studies, biographies, statistical reports). Citations or references to publications in which the materials have been cited, described, indexed, etc., are recorded in the citation note (see 1.7B14). If necessary, use appropriate introductory wording (e.g. Publications:, Portions published in:) in order to clarify the nature of the citation. (Rule and examples from APPM 1.7B16)


            Publications: Levine, Lawrence W. “William Shakespeare and the American People: A Study in Cultural Transformation.” American Historical Review 89 (February 1984).


            Publications: Poetry: A magazine of Verse 59 (1942): 295-308.


            Photographs published in: Mirer, Emma. Faces of Political Women. Boston: Whitehurst Press, 1984.



7B15. Contents


7B15.1. General rule. List the contents of a manuscript, either selectively or fully, if it is considered necessary to show the presence of material not implied by the rest of the description, to stress components of particular importance, to provide the contents of a collection or of a multipart manuscript, or to provide additional titles in a manuscript without a collective title.


Need ms. examples


Includes bibliographical references.

Includes index.

"List of the author's unpublished poems": p. 151-158.

Errata on last leaf.

With an errata slip.

Includes Joseph Pike's An epistle to the national meeting of Friends in Dublin.   


7B15.2. Transcribe contents from the title page if they are presented there formally and have not been transcribed as part of the title and statement of responsibility area. In such cases, follow the word “Contents” with a colon and the parenthetical phrase “(from t.p. title page).” If a formal statement of contents is not present on the title page, take contents from the head of the parts to which they refer, or, if this is not feasible, from any contents list, etc., that is present. For a manuscript in two or more volumes, transcribe the volume or part designations as found.


Need ms. example

Contents: (from t.p.) I. The good housewife's coat of arms -- II. The spinning-wheels glory -- III. The taylor disappointed of his bride -- IV. The changeable world Contents: Love and peril / the Marquis of Lorne -- To be or not to be / Mrs. Alexander -- The melancholy hussar / Thomas Hardy  


7B15.3. If a complete listing of contents cannot be assembled by one of the above means, the cataloger may devise a contents note from any appropriate source or combination of sources.  


7B16. Numbers borne by the manuscript


If considered important, make notes of any numbers borne by the manuscript not transcribed in another area.  


7B17. “With” notes

7B17.1. If the description corresponds to part of a manuscript that is made up of two or more separately titled parts that are also separately paginated or foliated and have separate signatures, make a note beginning “With” followed by a colon. List the other parts of the manuscript in the note, in the order in which they are found. In the case of bound volumes, list all the other parts on the record for the first part and, in general, only the first on the records for the subsequent parts. (Do not make such “With” notes when the pagination, foliation, or signatures of separately titled parts are continuous with the part being described. Instead, record these titles in a contents note as instructed in 7B15.)  


7B17.2. For each work listed, give only the elements listed below:


a)   the heading; normally give this element first, usually in catalog-entry form (e.g., with inversion of personal names under surname, but not necessarily including personal birth/death dates, corporate qualifiers, etc.)


b)   the title proper as found in the record for the work; long titles may be shortened (whenever the uniform title is considered useful for the identification of the work, record it within square brackets preceding the title proper)


c)   the primary statement of responsibility as found in the title and statement of responsibility area of the record for the work, unless it is redundant of the heading or exceedingly lengthy


d) the date?


Need ms. example


With: Dunton, John. The merciful assizes, or, A panegyric on the late Lord Jeffreys hanging so many in the West. London : Printed for Eliz. Harris, 1701  



7B18. Related collections


If considered important, make a note naming related collections in the repository.  


Related materials are held in the Ben Grauer Collection and the Pamphlets and Graphics components of the French Revolution Collection in the repository.  



7B19. General Notes


Record any other descriptive information considered important but not falling within the definitions of the other notes. This may include information on physical details not given elsewhere, source of title, and title variations. (Rule and examples from APPM 1.7B17)



            Manuscript torn in half and rejoined


            Text heavily foxed


            Incoming correspondence, 1855-1875, heavily damaged by rodent and insect infestation


            Title transcribed from spine


            Also known as: Anglo-Dutch War collection


            Tape reels transferred from original acetate discs


Former shelfmarks: Mss. Bd. Lavoisier QE G93 (v.1-3), QE G93 S4; Duveen Lavoisier collection mss. 17, 21, 34, 50.

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