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Area 1C version 10 outline

Page history last edited by Margaret Nichols 12 years, 9 months ago

DCRM(MSS) Area 1C.

Outline of Current Structure



1C1. Preliminary rule of formal titles


1C1.1. Sources of information


1C1.2. Transcription

1C1.2.1. Omission of pious invocations, etc.

1C1.2.2. Abbreviations or omissions in formal title

1C1.2.3. Pre-modern or irregular spelling, or misspelling in formal title

1C1.2.4. When transcription is not appropriate

1C1.2.4.1. If the formal title is illegible, inaccurate or misleading in any of the sources listed in 1C1 …

1C1.2.4.2. If a formal title is struck out or partially illegible …


1C2. Title proper


1C2.1. Words considered part of the title proper


1C2.2. Alternative title


1C2.3. Title proper with supplementary or section designation or title

1C2.3.1. If the title proper for a work that is supplementary to, or a section of, another work appears in two or more grammatically separable parts …

1C2.3.2. If the part information does not appear on the item, but can be inferred …


1C2.4. Abridgments of the title proper

1C2.4.1. General rule

1C2.4.2. Abridgment of alternative title


1C2.5. Title proper from title page, colophon, or caption

1C2.5.1. General rule


1C2.6. Title proper from elsewhere in the manuscript or from accompanying material

1C2.6.1. General rule

1C2.6.2. If the manuscript bears several different titles in different places, none of which is the title page, colophon, or caption …


1C2.7. Title proper from reference or other sources


1C3. Other title information

1C3.1. General rule – define other title information

1C3.2. Order and source of other title information

1C3.3. Other title information beginning with prepositions, conjunctions, etc.

1C3.3.1. Transcribe title information that appears following the title proper as

other title information …

1C3.3.2. If this other title information appears following the statement of

responsibility …

1C3.4. If this other title information, or some portion of it, constitutes a formal statement of the contents of the work, and is grammatically separable from the title proper and other title information …

1C3.5. Distinguish the above situation (i.e., works with a lengthy table of contents) from those in which titles of other works are given equal prominence …

1C3.6. Abridgment of other title information

1C3.7. Other title information with grammatically inseparable elements


1C4. Manuscripts without a collective title


1C4.1. Two or more works with formal titles

1C4.1.1. By same person or body

1C4.1.2. By different persons or bodies


1C4.2. Multiple title pages

1C4.2.1. One or more works not named on the title page or colophon
















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