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Remaining steps

Page history last edited by Margaret Nichols 7 years, 5 months ago

Remaining as of May 2014:


Completing the text

Finish Appendices--done

Finish spring 2014 assignments

Finish Glossary--done

Finish Preface (except for Acknowledgments)--both done

Make sure Editorial Guidelines are applied throughout--done

Determine 040 $e code to ask for; specify in the text--done



DCRM Steering Group

Test drive at RBMS or ALA

Bib. Standards Committee

RBMS Exec.

SAA commentary--done




Proofreading by BSC et al.


Cover color, design and image; fill in thanks for them in Acknowledgments, and citation for source of cover image in preliminaries 

Finish Acknowledgments (see above)

Final formatting: final pagination; fill in table of contents at beginning

Ask Bruce Johnson to add DCRM(MSS) to Cataloger's Desktop



RBMS website

Ask for acceptance of records with 040 $e code dcrmmss in OCLC

Print out spiral bound copies for use at RBMS seminar in 2017?





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